Excessive Daytime…ZZZ…Sleepiness

When was the last time you woke up and felt rested? energized? restored? For me, it’s been so long that I honestly could not tell you. All I can say for certain is that it has been several years. I sleep at night because it is necessary not because I expect that it will help […]

Aspirations for 2016

The start of a new year is upon us, which means all sorts of posts about resolutions popping up on my Facebook feed. I tried the last few years to have some resolutions but the chaos of grad school, which makes having any life outside of research quite difficult, made it pretty hard to see some of them through. […]

2015 in review

2015 has been quite the year! I completed my Ph.D., got a job, and moved across the country. Through it all I had a great support system for which I am truly thankful. Thank you to all you that have tuned into my posts and provided words of encouragement! Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco […]

K.I.S.S. –> Keep It Super Simple

The hardest part of living with fibromyalgia is learning to slow down. I could say this a million times (and probably will throughout my postings), but it still wouldn’t be enough. One of the big frustrations that I face is getting in exercise. I’ve read the science, and I understand the benefits of exercise for someone with chronic […]

The “IS IT FIBRO?” Game

As my life with fibromyalgia progresses, I find that my opinion of what the most difficult aspect of this illness is has changed. When my symptoms first started, I would have said that the chronic fatigue was the absolute worse. Just a few months ago, I might have responded that it is the fibro fog and […]

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