The “IS IT FIBRO?” Game

As my life with fibromyalgia progresses, I find that my opinion of what the most difficult aspect of this illness is has changed. When my symptoms first started, I would have said that the chronic fatigue was the absolute worse. Just a few months ago, I might have responded that it is the fibro fog and […]

A Major Accomplishment

Hello, fellow spoonies and friends! It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? Well, this spoonie has been very busy working hard to complete one of the biggest professional accomplishments of her life. I am happy to report that after six very long years, I have successfully defended my Ph.D.! This journey has been a tough one […]


In my last post, I was in a bit of a dark place. A few weeks of little sleep and extreme fatigue got me down. I think it partly had to do with how drastic a change it was from feeling almost normal at the beginning of September to feeling practically useless by the end […]

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