What Fibromyalgia Feels Like…Myofascial Pain

  We all know the age old saying “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.  Well, this photo speaks volumes! I came across it in one of my support group pages, and it almost made me cry. For years, I’ve wished I could have an easy way to show doctors, bosses, or family/friends what it feels like. […]

The Importance of a Caring Doctor

So it is Monday and instead of going to work first thing in the morning, I went to the doctor’s office yet again. Why? Well, because I’m a spoonie, and the doctor’s office is like a second home especially when I am trying to overcome a fibro flare. These last few months have been a […]

Fibro Friendly Wardrobe

A lot of times when someone discovers I have fibromyalgia, they often ask me what are some of the symptoms. Often I want to reply, “How much time do you have?” because there are so many symptoms that are associated with fibromyalgia. When thinking about what to include in this blog, one of my first […]

Just A Spoonie Girl…Trying to Make it in this Crazy World

When I decided to start blogging about a year ago, the idea of blogging about life with fibromyalgia had crossed my mind. However, I didn’t entertain the thought for more than a second. Who would want to read about my pitiful (at least that is how I perceived it) life suffering from chronic pain? To […]

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